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Printix is a cloud print management SaaS that eliminates the need to install traditional on-premise print management software with associated print servers, unleashing the benefits of modern and secure functionality. Designed for businesses of all sizes, experience cloud printing. 

Benefits of Cloud Printing:

Greater Agility, Simplicity
Significant Cost Savings – Quick ROI
Free-up IT from print infrastructure management
Increased Security and Compliance
Support your Hybrid Workforce

Unique Printix Features

True Cloud

  • Auto scaling, Healing and upgrade
  • Use public or private cloud storage
  • Consumption subscription models
  • Uptime guarantee, 99,9% or better

Intelligent Client

  • Supports printer discovery, monitoring, queue install and upgrade and data format conversion
  • Remote check, install and validate Go installations
  • Auto route print job, for direct or via the cloud print

Patner Portal

  • Central management of all tenants
  • Insight to the channel
  • SSO access to the individual customer tenants

Hybrid Office

  • Automatic discover and add home office printers
  • Automatic install print queues on locations
  • Print from home to office, office to office

True SSO (no sync)

  • One or multiple Azure AD
  • One or multiple Google WS
  • One or multiple Okta, OneLogin, Custom, AD

Easy Deployment

  • 5 simple steps to convert customers to Printix
  • NO interruption for the office workers
  • One solution with all print features included